Measurement Description

Water Temperature Apprise Templine

The temperature of the lake from the surface to a depth of 20m is measured in 1m increments using a templine from Apprise Technologies.
Dissolved Oxygen Saturation D-opto

A D-opto probe from Zebra-Tech LTD is held about 0.4m below the lake’s surface and is used to continuously monitor dissolved oxygen saturation.
Dissolved Oxygen Saturation and Temperature YSI Sonde 600, 6600

YSI sondes will be held at depths of 0.4m, 2.0m, and 6.0m to measure both dissolved oxygen saturation and temperature at those depths.
Chlorophyll-a and Phycocyanin Cyclops-7 Submersible Fluourometers

Measures the levels of Chlorophyll-a and Phycocyanin pigments at a depth of 0.4m. The Chlorophyll-a fluorometer operates with an excitation wavelengtn of 460nm, emission wavelength of 620-715nm, and detection wavelength of 300-1100nm. The Phycocyanin fluorometer operates with an excitation wavelength of 595, emission wavelength of 670nm, and detection wavelength of 300-1100nm.
Wind Speed and Direction RM Young Model 85000 Ultrasonic Anemometer

Measures wind speeds from 0-70 m/s with an accuracy of +/-2% for winds up to 30 m/s and +/-3% for winds up to 70 m/s. It measures wind direction from 0 to 360° with an accuracy of +/-2°.
Air Temperature and Relative Humidity RM Young Model 41382 Probe

Measures relative humidity from 0-100% with an accuaracy of +/-2% at 20°C. It is stable to +/- 1% RH per year. It measures temperatures of +/-50°C at an accuracy of +/-0.3°C at 0°C