Design Basics

The buoy’s main power supply consists of two marine batteries. Two solar panel arrays recharge these batteries on sunny days to maintain battery life throughout the buoy’s deployment. All of the buoy’s sensors and its data logger and radio are powered by these batteries. A detailed list of the sensors on the buoy can be found on the Sensors page under MeRG Projects. Each sensor collects data at 1 minute intervals. The data that the instruments collect is sent to and logged by a CR10X datalogger from Campbell Scientific. Every 10 minutes, the datalogger transmits all of the data that it has collected from all the sensors over the preceding 10 minutes to the Hasler Laboratory for Limnology, the Center for Limnology’s field station on Lake Mendota. The diagram below outlines the basic flow of power and data between the various components on the buoy.

Buoy Design Diagram